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МР-L313 Участок в Петровац, 2 200 m2, близко к отелю Monte Casa, 200 м. от моря, Цена 650 €/m2

МР-L313 Земельный участок, 2 200 m2, близко к отелю Monte Casa,  Цена 650 e/m2


Земельный участок, 2 200 m2, близко к отелю Monte Casa, позади отеля Danica, в 200 м. от моря.

Инвестор может построить 4 200 m2 объектов (квартиры).

Цена:  650 e/m2


Land plot,  2,200 m2, close to hotel Monte Casa, behind hotel Danica, 200 m from the sea. The investor can build 4,200 m2 of objects (apartments).   Price =  650 e/m2

MonteVerde project surfs on a tidal wave of recent second home construction boom in Montenegro, but attempts to offer an alternative to typical reckless overblown developments that spawn all over the coast destroying the local ecosystem.
We work together with the client in all stages of the project, from architectural design to branding and marketing, to introduce an idea of sustainable luxury to this young Mediterranean country.

MonteVerde has a premium location on a small hill overlooking the bay of Petrovac town.
Only 200m from the beach, it is quietly tucked in lush vegetation, and directly facing the deep forest that is legally protected as a natural clean-air spa.

Following the recent construction boom economics, urban planning parameters were very generous permitting a massive building volume on a tight and very steep site.
As we decided not to compromise neither the client'sprofits nor environment, handling the high density in a sensitive manner became the prime concern of the design brief. We committed to build as large a volume as legally permitted, and yet minimize its impact on a natural landscape.


The huge building volume was broken into a cluster of mini-towers, each one of only 8×8m footprint. Towers were arranged in a checkerboard pattern, alternating with patios.
This layout visually scales down the large complex to a size of mini-towers smaller than a typical family house.
More importantly, the checkerboard pattern allows fresh air to breeze throughout the complex, and allows every apartment to benefit from 4-side orientation and open views to surrounding forest and/or the sea.

Each apartment occupies an entire floor of a mini-tower (additionally, two- and three- story units are available).
Floor plan is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional Mediterranean house: while these houses are typically arranged around the patios, we arranged our apartment around a huge balcony to the same effect: to take advantage of a lifestyle that favors outdoor leisure activities all day long, and to protect the rooms from harsh climate by setting them into recess in the deep shade.
When balcony doors fold away, entire apartment becomes one open space.

Green Layout
Both developer and architects committed to implement sustainable solutions and it started from the spatial design itself, because thoughtful composition of space can minimize the need for technology, and we can learn a lot from traditional Mediterranean architecture.
Layout of entire complex and its apartments has been designed to insulate from the hot climate by optimizing natural ventilation and alternating deep shadows all day.
Additionally, sun screens control the exposure to sunlight. Entire complex is to be built in
Ytong blocks which are both structural material and insulation. Water is always scarce in Montenegro, so all rain water will be collected, stored and purified. And finally, yes, we'll throw in quite a few solar panels on those roofs, just to offset a bit of energy expenditure.


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